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Specializing in market growth and brand influence, the KMG brand thrives in situations where competitors can't. We are a results driven company that works diligently to prove ourselves. Give us an inch and we will take your brand a mile.

Analyze. Strategize. Profit.

Our Digital Services

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Social Marketing

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Web Development

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Competitor Analysis

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App Marketing




Social Media
Website Design
Competitor Analysis
App Marketing
Social Media
Website Design
Competitor Analysis
App Marketing

Website Design & Development

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Competitor Analysis

App Marketing

  • Professional responsive design

  • Seamless interaction

  • Faster load time

  • Lower bounce rates / high retention

  • Search engine friendly

  • Mobile friendly

  • Analyze strength/weakness/opportunity/threats

  • Find new markets & demographics

  • Tap into competitor's markets & demographic

  • Adapt a superior marketing strategy

  • Increase SEO functionality

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Extensive internet presence

  • Marketing through Facebook, Instagram,
    LinkedIn, Quora, Google+, and more

  • High retention rate

  • Quality customer engagement

  • Customer retention

  • Drive organic traffic to your website

  • Acquire & maintain rank on Google page 1

  • Reach out to more demographics

  • Most powerful & cost-effective service

  • Organic traffic that generates revenue

  • 24/7 website attraction

  • Rank higher in app store searches

  • Target the right audience

  • Press Coverage

  • E-mail marketing

  • Blog content

In today’s business world, it is very important to stay active and be constantly evolving. Your competitors are on the move and you need to be too, let us provide you with the information your competitors don’t want you to see. How are they doing their marketing? Is the marketing they are implementing effective? Could it work for you? Who is their demographic? Why are they above you on the search results? These are all questions that you want answered to rise above your competitors. Let us give you the unfair advantage.

KMG is a proud Canadian owned marketing agency based out of London, Ontario. We implement cutting edge SEO technologies that can accurately analyze the search engine market and make sure you get the results your company deserves. Let KMG lead your company to search engine success.

If you are starting a new business, it is important to have a website that reflects your brand and attracts niche customers. The world of web design is constantly evolving and the bar is being raised, let our team of innovators, explorers and strategists bring you a website that performs rapidly – and looks good doing it.

KMG empowers companies to take on different challenges on a daily basis, keeping up with the dynamic nature of the ever evolving world of mobile. Through building a strong mobile customer journey, we’ll help you master the toughest challenge of all - understanding your audience. We’ll tailor a unique mobile strategy fit for your brand be it through an app, a responsive website, mobile campaigns, app consulting, partnerships, new monetization models, and more.

Social Media is no longer just about how many likes and followers you have, it is a newly invented tool for sharp marketers. Success lies in using the right marketing strategies to attract the right audiences to your product. Make your presence felt in the social media world and use this new tool to its full advantage

We're with you every step of the way

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