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  1. What is Discord?

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What is Discord
You might not be aware of Discord. Or you may know about it, and you’re wondering what it has to do with business. After all, isn’t it for gamers? That was once the case, but not anymore.

Discord has evolved considerably since its official 2015 launch. Once solely a tool for dedicated gamers, it is now a popular base for a diverse range of groups, including influencers and hobbyists. This platform is great for those looking for alternatives to the more obvious platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

For businesses who want a different way to communicate with their audience, Discord could be just what they’ve been searching for.

What Is Discord?

Discord is a VoIP system that uses a combination of video, voice, and text communication services. It’s often compared to Slack, and its messaging system works similarly.

Discord was the brainchild of Stan Vishnevskiy and Jason Citron. Initially, they just wanted a way to talk to others in the gaming community. Discord boasts over 100 million active monthly users, and its growth shows no signs of dwindling.

The versatile platform also has a strong focus on community: It’s the ability to build communities that have helped fuel Discord’s growing popularity.

Who uses Discord?
As the founders themselves say, Discord is used by various groups, including study groups, art communities, and hikers. Anyone looking for a community to share their interest with or establish/grow an audience can set up a Discord account and get started.

4 Ways to Use Discord as a Business

You may find the categories limited at first sight, but plenty of brands use Discord successfully. Here are some examples:

  • Adobe’s Discord group allows users to get critiques, ask questions, and find commissions.

  • Newegg has a Discord group where you can find the latest offers, get answers to queries, and more.

  • Streamlabs, which provides streaming tools and software, also has a Discord account.  Its Discord servers provide tutorials and general chat, and plenty more.

Discord has excellent potential to help your business and grow its community. 

What marketing services do we provide?

Growing a server

Discord servers have virtually no organic growth by themselves. You can create a beautiful server, and see no increase in server members. Typically Discord servers are grown by word of mouth and personal invitations. A friend invites a friend and a friend invites another, typically this will gain about 50-100 users, and then growth becomes stagnant unless the server admins start recruiting members from other existing servers. This method of recruitment is shunned by the entire Discord community, and always results in admins getting banned from those servers and once again making growth stagnant. ​At Keyway Marketing Group we circumvent these issues with the following strategies:

1. Partnerships

Partnerships are a common agreement servers make to share their server invite link (along with an ad as seen below) on each other's servers to increase their reach in hopes of gaining new members. Every partnership has the potential of reaching every member in the server simply with a "@everyone" ping. This function sends a notification to all members of the server to inform them of their server's new partnership. As seen below, if we made a partnership for you with the server below, your business would reach up to 600024 members with no ad cost.


2. Bumps & Ad placement is a listing website created with the intent to promote active servers (those that bump 4 times a day per week). This website has huge traffic on the front page:

By purchasing the Platinum membership ($39.99 USD per month) your server ad on the website gets boosted results when bumped. Ads are ranked by bump points. On the Platinum plan you gain 2 points per bump, and on the Gold plan you gain 1 point per bump. To appear on the front page and to reap the reach of millions, Keyway Marketing Group will stay on the ball and bump your server when the mod/admin team is asleep, sleeping in, working, or busy with other priorities in life. This can generate 300-500 new invites per month, or up to 1000 or more if done perfectly and consistently.

Finally there is a Master level ad spot available which will make the server stand out among all others. The benefits are described as: Purple server accent, Appear on the top of the homepage, Previous premium servers can bid for the Master slot, No bumping required! The cost varies, and can be acquired for roughly $950. We highly recommend running some Master class ads for a 1-3 months if we’re looking to grow the server quickly or if the server is brand new. With this plan you can expect to see at minimum +5000 members joining into the server.

[Eagle investors has won the auction for $950 and appears to have a purple banner]


3. Bumps & Reviews has only free advertising, but it is effective because there is a bump system and it is highly optimized for search engine results. Servers that are active have members send something like “!d bump” in a dedicated bump channel at minimum every 2 hours to let keep the active servers at the top in  their search results. At Keyway Marketing we will take care of the discord bumps, and set up the best possible ad on with the optimal SEO variables. bump example.png

[Above is an example of a user named Behery sending the command to bump the server on]

The second part to successful growth via bumping is by collecting positive reviews and ratings to stand out on search engine results. This also improves the server placement on all other search engines (not just the search engine). Keyway Marketing Group recognizes this as a great source for organic growth and takes all necessary and innovative steps to push your discord server towards the best placement in and on other search engines.

[The picture below is an example of a review section]


Maintaining a healthy active server

We all know that to successfully maintain a business not only does the marketing need to work well, but so does the product. That's why maintaining a smooth operation in a discord server is very important for marketing. Keyway Marketing knows how to setup discord servers to be user friendly, and active, with the purpose to attract and maintain an active community.

1. Roles

One reason many people like to use discord is because they get to show off who they are. They chose custom roles that can describe their gender, gender pronouns, age, country, political views, philosophical views, hobbies, likes, and much more. Keyway Marketing Group will setup the appropriate and relevant personal roles, to allow members to express themselves and to relate to others. While these roles help build a strong community, more roles can be instituted to create incentive to actively participate in the server.

Best way to incentivize server usage with roles is to have a tier system for the amount of time spent in a server: novice → member → veteran → legend → honorary member. These roles can be given out manually, or by a bot that tracks the amount of time spent in voice chat (VC) or messages sent in text chat. Finally, there is another set of important roles which are assigned to the server staff members. Keyway Marketing Group knows how to setup the best tier system for mods/admins. The key is making many roles with small differences in power, this way someone doesn't just get promoted from mod → admin and can now ban server member and create channels and delete channels and sabotage the server. But instead, there could be a progression from text mod → voice mod, global mod → senior mod. Each role gives one extra ability to the staff member. Keyway Marketing Group will stablish appropriate staff member roles which will allow the server owners to test their staff and see how much power they can handle without putting the server at risk.

2. Integrate Bots

There are many bots (pre-programmed "users" that can join a server and be controlled) that can make moderation easier, and make the server more fun. For example, bots can be added that keep track of the actions moderators take, and actions of users, and all the information is tracked in special log channels. Also there are bots that have minigames in them like chess. Bots that let members listen to music in voice channels. And finally, some bots help enhance the server experience by allowing the Quran, Bible ,or Wikipedia to be fully accessible by a simple command. Keyway Marketing Group will do all the work to find the best most relevant bots, and integrate them into your server to improve the server experience for staff and members.

3. Encourage Engagement

Engagement is essential to building your business. Letting your customers or would-be customers get to know you increases trust and fosters loyalty over time. However, that’s not where the benefits of customer experience end. Enabling engagement also:

  • Enhances the customer and brand experience.

  • Allows you to gain customer feedback and insights that let you shape and improve your brand/service.

How does Discord enable engagement? Through multiple channels, and that’s perhaps one of the best things about it.

As I’ve already mentioned, you can directly talk to customers through video, chat, or text. Or you can start reaching out to would-be customers through your servers and specific channels.

4. Monitor Activity

A more recent feature is Discord server insights. By studying your insights (or data), you can better understand:

  • where your server members are coming from

  • member retention numbers

  • engagement with channels and other members

  • your audience geography

You can aggregate your data daily, weekly, and monthly, and you can also export it to a CSV file for further analysis.

5. Answer Customer/Member FAQs

You can answer customer FAQs by setting up a server and listing them there. Just follow the instructions in the article. Another way you can do this is with a bot.

You can use third-party application bots. However, it’ll mean giving them access to your Discord account, so if you’re not comfortable with this, skip to the next method.

There are a few FAQ bots available ready for you to install. I’ve listed a few popular ones below.

However, these aren’t recommendations, and as always, you should exercise caution before using third-party scripts or giving permissions to your account.

  • Top GG

  • The Discord Botlist

  • GitHub (Andreas Gassmann)

If you have some coding experience, you could also create a bot. You can do this with Python. To use this method:

  1. Sign in. Go to the application page and launch the “New application” button.

  2. Name your application and select “create.”

  3. Go to the “Bot” tab. You’ll find it in settings and select “Add bot.”

Easy enough so far, right? However, this is where it gets a little more complicated: You’re going to have to do some coding. Here’s an excellent tutorial that will talk you through the steps. 


6. Encourage User-Generated Content

Encourage your customers to do your promotion for you by setting up their channels and servers to discuss your brand and special offers. 

Consumers are often more receptive to personal recommendations rather than the “big sell.”

7. Offer Exclusive Discounts

Who doesn’t love a discount? Provide exclusive discounts, special deals, and competitions through Discord. Invite others to promote your brand further.


While Discord doesn’t have the high profile of some social media sites, it’s still a useful marketing tool for anyone wanting to build a community. 

It combines personalization, promotion, and multiple communication methods, allowing you to reach out to customers more effectively.

Discord may not be suitable for every brand, but many companies use it successfully, including Adobe and Newegg.

Keyway Marketing Group is ready to do all the heavy lifting to develop a discord server for your brand, and develop that community.

Contact us right now with homes basic information and needs and we'll set up a call.

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